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Why Get CB-PMO Certified?


The Certified Baseline PMO Consultant (CB-PMO®) credential is the most important industry-recognized certification for PMO professionals. A globally recognized and in demand designation, CB-PMO® demonstrates that you have the experience, education, and competency to setup, manage and mature Project/Program/Portfolio Management Offices (PMO).

 01  Successful framework.

PMOs vary from organization to organization but the keys to success do not.  Based on PMO Global Institute's PMO Guidebook, applying the principles of the 26 essential elements of a PMO framework is critical to success. 




 02  Communicates credibility.

​By carrying this international designation, you demonstrate that you possess the knowledge to structure and guide PMOs. It can sometimes feel lonely when trying to guide your organization; the CB-PMO designation communicates your credibility to your organization.



 03  Internationally recognized.

CB-PMO certified practitioners are located in more than XX countries around the world and is the fastest growing PMO designation worldwide.




 04  Builds team alignment.

By encouraging key stakeholders and PMO team members to become certified, you grow your organization's knowledge of successful PMO development and improve the success and longevity of your PMO.



 05  How do I get certified?

Interested in becoming a Certified Baseline - PMO Consultant? Learn more about training here.

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