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Message to PMO leaders:

Your Key to Successful PMO Management...

Hopefully you've had a chance to view the Webinar: Measuring PMO Success: Critical Metrics and KPIs.

Here is the [RECORDING LINK], in case you missed it. Passcode: vzwh1HP+


I’m getting ready to launch the Essential PMO Framework course for PMO leaders, aspirants and PMO members and wanted to remind you of your time-limited offer to the Measuring PMO Success webinar registrants that expires this Wednesday at 11:59pm EDT.




By taking advantage of this opportunity and getting inside now, you equip yourself with the tools to improve your PMO function and value to your organization for the rest of 2023.


Whether you are just starting out or working to improve your PMO structure, establishing your PMO success requires a strong foundation with critical components that you will learn how to apply over the course of 3 days…


You will learn about…

  • Foundational Layer – Strategic alignment of your PMO to your organization, setting PMO strategy, conducting the PMO Health check, conducting the Organizational Maturity Assessment, Analyzing and Defining PMO Functions, creating the PMO Roadmap and PMO Charter

  • Executable Layer – Developing policies, procedures, governance, running proof of concept, Defining PMO KPIs(which we discussed last week), defining Roles and Developing Competencies, evaluating PMO ROI

  • Supporting Layer – setup of Team Structure, Succession Planning, establishing Supporting Functions, defining the most effective PMO Structure setup for your organization, using Agile PMO concepts, Use of Models, Methods and Artifacts, Stakeholder Management, Environmental Factors and the PMO Technology Stack

  • Leadership & Sponsorship – covering what leadership is required, the critical function of Executive Sponsorship and how Emotional Intelligence helps improve PMO performance


When you sign up for the Essential PMO Framework, you will also be getting…


  • PMOGuidebook (digital Edition) – inclusive of PMO specific templates and tools to use within your organization

  • PMO Global Institute Regular Membership (1 year)

  • Certificate of Course Completion

  • 21 Professional Development Units

  • Exam Practice Portal – get access to PMO Global Institute’s Exam Practice Portal to get ready for the CB-PMO certification exam

  • $200 off Exam Voucher for CB-PMO exam

  • Membership in PMO Linkedin Group

  • One-on-one Coaching call – to provide additional and personalized support


Plus, as an additional webinar offer you receive:

  • A discount of $350 OFF with code kpi2023 and the first 5 registrants will receive an exam voucher to be applied to the PMO Global Institute CB-PMO certification exam fee (that's a $500USD value!)


Unlock the key to successful PMO management inside our 21 hour online live instructor-led Essential PMO Framework Course.



Use Code: kpi2023


Master the essential framework needed to structure a PMO and gain the knowledge and skills to pass the CB-PMO exam. Led by industry experts, this comprehensive course will equip you with the tools to drive PMO success and take your career to the next level.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your PMO expertise and take advantage of this saving.



Use Code: kpi2023



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